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Medical Practice Specializing in Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, Podiatry, Urology and Nutrition

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Manchester Medical
Urgent Care

Who We Are

Manchester Medical Group was establish in 1984 as a private medical practice focusing on personalized primary care and health promotion.

The Critical Need for an Urgent Care Center

The US is experiencing a major healthcare crisis. The American College of Emergency Physicians recently published that the majority of the nation's emergency departments report they are operating "at or over" capacity. This creates a dangerous situation for patients and threatens the ability of emergency room providers to provide timely patient care. And if that weren't bad enough, while we are seeing an increase in the number of patients visiting the ER, we are seeing a decrease in the number of ERs!

In the coming years, the ability to access a family physician will almost certainly worsen due to the shortage of primary care physicians. It is projected that by 2020, there will be 45,000 too few primary care physicians. In addition, the US has a growing population of patients with a greater share of healthcare needs. The Center for Workforce Studies states that, "by 2025 the over 65 population will grow to 80 million, further taxing primary care resources." Last but not least, the Affordable Care Act provides healthcare coverage for a new group of approximately 32 million individuals, thus increasing the number of patients with insurance AND the demand for primary care. Already, patients with a primary care doctor often wait over 6 days to see their doctor when they're sick....imagine how much longer that will get when the entire nation has insurance!

Manchester Urgent Care was established to help patients by eliminating the long wait times and exorbitant medical bills that a visit to the ER will often produce, while also giving patients access quick and efficient medical care without waiting for an appointment with their primary physician. We work with many insurance providers, but also specialize in providing care and affordable pricing to the uninsured. Additionally, we offer a wide range of preventative care services and perform physical exams that may be necessary for school, work or summer camp. Bottom line: Our focus is on giving you quality urgent care in a comfortable setting at an affordable price!

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After Hours Urgent Care

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Features and Benefits

OnSite Laboratory

Our Urgent Care center has an on-site lab and can provide you with results for basic laboratory tests within minutes such as blood glucose testing, pregnancy tests, Flu test, Strep test, Mono test, and Drug testing. Other laboratory tests will generally have a 24-48 hour turn around time.

On site Pharmacy

Our Urgent Care center has an on-site Pharmacy which means that many medications can be obtained from our medication dispensary, eliminating the need for you to find a pharmacy, especially at at night when many drug stores are closed. Most antibiotics are only $20.

On site X-Ray

Our Urgent Care center has a brand new digital X-Ray machine to help identify, diagnose, and treat your condition quickly and efficiently. A digital copy can be provided right away if you need to be referred to a specialist.

Affordable Fixed Fees

Enjoy the benefit of affordable fixed fees and rates by simply viewing our rate menu. Our policy is to discuss all pricing with our patients up front so that you are never surprised with hidden fees at check-out. Insurance coverage varies with each individual plan and our staff will work with your insurance provider to find the most economical way for you to obtain treatment for what you need, as quickly as possible.

Free Follow Up Visit Within 7 days (same condition)

Because your health is our top priority, we offer a free follow up for the same issue for one week.

No long waits

Why deal with crowded emergency room wait times? Or pay outrages ER costs? Enjoy the comfort and convenience of your neighborhood urgent care center, located on Manchester Ave just a block east of Sepulveda in the Westchester area of Los Angeles

New Facility

Your urgent care needs are best provided for in our newly remodeled and updated medical facility. We are conveniently located on Manchester Ave by Sepulveda Blvd in the Westchester section of Los Angeles, close to LAX (the airport) and beaches, PDR (Playa Del Rey), Playa Vista, Inglewood, Hawthorne and Culver City.

Multispecialty referrals

Drs Richards and Banafshe have been practicing in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years and have access to an extensive network of doctors, surgeons and specialists.

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